It is time to renew the Board of our Society, who will have the delicate task of managing our activities during Covid and (hopefully) post-Covid times.
During our last meeting in Pécs, in June 2019, our general assembly approved the membership of a nominating committee.
The chair was Tommy Bengtsson, and the other members Marco Breschi, Lisa Dillon, Eilidh Garrett and Jan Kok.
They have agreed upon a proposal for the next Board of our Society:
Diego Ramiro Fariñas, ADEH, proposed for President
Lucia Pozzi, SIDES, proposed for Vice-President
Michel Oris, SDH, proposed for Secretary General
Mikolaj Szoltysek, elected in 2016, proposed for a second term
Irina Troitskaya, elected in 2016, proposed for a second term
Chris Dibben (Edinburgh), proposed as a new member
Hideko Matsuo (Leuven), proposed as a new member
Luciana Quaranta (Lund), proposed as a new member
Tim Riswick (Radboud), proposed as a new member
Hilde Sommerseth (Tromsö), proposed as a new member.
They all have accepted the nomination to serve our Society and we are very grateful for this.
However, our by-laws also allow the possibility for alternative nominations for the Board to be made. The process for this is that each alternative candidate must be nominated, in writing, by five other members of the Society. The candidate must also provide written consent that they agree to be nominated. The deadline for submitting such alternative nominations is November 6, 2020. Please feel totally free to use this option.
If there are alternative nominations, then all members of the society will be invited to vote on the candidates to form the new Board. The candidates to be voted on would include both those put forward by the nominating committee and their alternative nominations. If there are no alternative nominations, the Board as proposed by the nominating committee will be duly appointed.
This will happen at the general assembly will be held (virtually) on December 9, 2020. This will also be a chance to discuss other suggestions made by the nominating committee, including rationalizing the statutes and by-laws, linking the conference to the presidency, and having all board members elected in the same way (rather than having some appointed by national societies). We also welcome any other suggestions for discussion that you may have.